Xinhua Commentary: Blizzards, pandemic and America’s human rights fairy tales


People bring their dogs to Domino Park in the Brooklyn Borough of New York, United StatesPeople bring their canines to Domino Park in the Brooklyn Borough of New York, United States

The American individuals are being whipped by one crisis after another: The raving coronavirus pandemic has actually up until now taken nearly 500,000 lives in the nation; roaring blizzards have actually eliminated some 50 individuals in Texas and other southern states, and left millions more fighting with frost, darkness, and interrupted lives.

The alarming circumstance has as soon as again busted the human rights fairy tales the world’s sole superpower has actually shown off for years, and exposed the hollowness behind the nation’s brassy pledges to its residents.

For rather a long time, the human rights that have actually been genuinely protected and promoted in the United States are those of the effective and the rich. At the exact same time, such standard human rights as those to life, health, and even survival of the public have actually been either disregarded or harmed.

Following the coronavirus break out in the nation, the previous U.S. administration, which ought to have dedicated itself to beating the illness and conserving lives, had actually selected deliberately to minimize the risk of the fatal infection, spread out lies and false information, and looked for to move obligation to others.

The American public has actually paid a bloody heavy cost for Washington’s conceit and lack of knowledge. The United States now still ranks initially in regards to infections and deaths worldwide. Life span in the nation fell by an astonishing complete year in the very first half of 2020 due to the pandemic, with minority groups suffering the sharpest decreases, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A report released onFeb 10 by the Lancet explained that around 200,000 Americans ought to not have actually passed away if appropriate procedures had actually been taken.

The relentless winter season storms have actually provided American political leaders another opportunity to show their indifference to the well-being of the American individuals.

While the howling storms have actually resulted in freezing temperature levels and extensive power blackouts in Texas, the state federal government and regional power grid operators have actually up until now stopped working to advance a schedule for power repair.

Some unethical business have actually taken the benefit to charge outrageous costs for important materials of electrical energy. And as countless Texans are shivering in cold and desperate for water and food, Senator of the Lone Star State Ted Cruz flew to Mexico for vacations.

What is more jaw-dropping is that Mayor of Colorado City Tim Boyd published on Facebook just recently that the city government has no obligation to support individuals in the middle of the weather condition crisis, which “only the strong will survive and the weak will perish.”

While revealing little interest in promoting the human rights of their own individuals, some Washington political leaders have actually turned human rights into a reason for meddling in business of others overseas.

Pretending to appreciate the human rights far beyond its coasts, Washington militarily intervened in the Middle East, triggering big losses of human lives there, and smeared China over declared human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Tibet to stir departments and instability in China, and to include the nation’s advancement.

In the popular Danish fairy tale, the little match woman might still light matches to have heat and the sensation of being enjoyed, despite the fact that those were illusory.

For the common Americans in the face of blizzards and the pandemic, even those hallucinations run out reach, other than that both they and the little match woman reside in fairy tales.

Xinhua Commentary: Blizzards, pandemic and America's human rights fairy tales