Journalists in Myanmar sentenced to prison by military court


Journalist reports inciting the military to mutiny is seen as a crime in Myanmar Journalist reports prompting the military to mutiny is viewed as a criminal activity in Myanmar

A court of the military junta in Myanmar has actually sentenced 2 reporters to 2 years in prison each after reporting on the anti-military demonstrations.
The court in the southern city of Myeik discovered both press reporters guilty of sedition based upon a criminal law going back to colonial times.

Aung Kyaw, a press reporter for broadcaster Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB, and Zaw Zaw, a freelance press reporter for online website Mizzima News, had actually been reporting on the demonstrations versus the military coup till they were detained a couple of weeks earlier, the media outlets and human rights companies stated late on Wednesday June 3, 2021.

The United States Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ, which defends liberty of journalism worldwide, required the instant release of the reporters.

“Reporting the news is not a crime. Myanmar’s junta must stop jailing and sentencing journalists on fabricated charges, and should allow the press to work freely,” stated Shawn Crispin, CPJ South-East Asia agent.

On May 12, reporter Min Nyo of the Democratic Voice of Burma was sentenced for the very first time under post 505a in Myanmar to 3 years in prison. Since then, the armed force has actually been utilizing the law to silence reporters, as it sees releasing reports prompting the military to mutiny as a criminal activity.

Journalists in Myanmar sentenced to prison by military court