American entrepreneur Bill Gates promotes farming development to secure the environment


Microsoft founder, Bill Gates Microsoft creator, Bill Gates

Microsoft creator Bill Gates alerted Monday, June 14 that “hundreds of millions of farmers” are feeling the impacts of environment modification and safeguarded development in the sector at a conference of the United Nations Food Organization (FAO.

“The longer it takes us to reduce emissions to net zero, the worse the consequences,” alerted Bill Gates at the 42nd FAO conference, based in Rome, in the standard speech in memory of Frank McDougall, among the creators of this specialized UN company.

Bill Gates highlighted that “climate change has cost seven years of agricultural productivity growth” which “in the coming decades global warming is expected to increase droughts and floods, reduce productivity and raise prices.”

“It’s unfair that the nations that have contributed the least to climate change are now the ones most waiting for vaccines and the ones most affected by these challenges,” Gates stated.

In this sense, he remembered that the effect of COVID-19 might have left as much as “132 million people in poverty” in a crisis that environment modification adds to “complicate” much more, due to the reliance of the main sector in less industrialized nations.

The entrepreneur declared the work of the African Union in cooperation with FAO, with tasks to assist farmers in Kenya, or an early caution system versus wheat rust in Ethiopia, as examples of development versus the impacts of environment modification.

“Small farmers must overcome incredible adversities and innovate, but they cannot do it alone, they need international solutions,” he stated, contacting FAO and other UN companies to “provide technical assistance” to farmers.

American entrepreneur Bill Gates promotes farming development to secure the environment