Maradona’s medical professional, 6 others to be questioned over the football icon’s death

Diego Maradona as a young man Diego Maradona as a boy

The Argentine Prosecutor’s Office, which is examining the death of the soccer idol Diego Maradona, started on Monday, June 14 the very first look of the 7 medical workers believed of having “abandoned” him to a sluggish pain and who run the risk of being sent out to court.

The Prosecutor’s Office of San Isidro, in the suburban areas of Buenos Aires, opened an examination for murder with exacerbating situations. It thinks about that the death, on November 25, 2020, of the 1986 world champ is the outcome of a malpractice and carelessness of the medical group, which triggered the wear and tear of his health.

The nurse Ricardo Almiron will be the very first to be questioned. Next will be a nurse, the planner of nurses, the medical planner of the hospitalization in your home, a psychologist and the psychiatrist who is implicated of not having actually made sure “the correct administration of medication and psychotropic drugs” that had actually been recommended.

The last to be heard on June 28 will be the 39-year-old neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, Diego Maradona’s individual doctor.

Legal procedures

Two children of the previous captain of the Argentine group, Gianinna, 32, and Jana, 25, had quickly after the death openly indicated the obligation of the professional in the wear and tear of their daddy’s health, activating the judicial procedure. The 7 caretakers are heard totally free, however are prohibited to leave the area.

After the interrogation, the district attorney will refer the case to an examining judge, with his suggestion to continue or close the examination. If described a court, a choice that might take months and even years, they deal with sentences of 8 to 25 years in jail. “This will probably go to trial, nothing indicates otherwise,” a judicial source near to the case informed AFP.

Damning knowledge

Diego Maradona, who experienced kidney, liver and heart issues, passed away of a cardiovascular disease alone in his house in Tigre, north of Buenos Aires, simply weeks after going through brain surgical treatment for an embolism. He was 60 years of ages. In early May, a skilled report concluded that the previous gamer had actually been “abandoned to his fate” by his healthcare group, whose “inadequate, deficient and imprudent” treatment led him to a sluggish pain.

The 20 specialists, consisting of the forensic pathologists who carried out the autopsy and experts from different medical disciplines, concluded that “the life-threatening signs that he presented were ignored”.

Soccer genius

According to the file, “the medical team fully and completely considered the possibility of the patient’s fatal outcome, but remained absolutely indifferent to this issue and did not change ” its behaviour and medical method”.

“Given the medical, clinical-psychiatric photo and the bad basic condition, he must have continued his rehab and interdisciplinary treatment in a suitable organization,” the document insists.

The death of Diego Maradona, considered a soccer genius, created a global shock wave and upset Argentina. Tens of thousands of people attended the wake around the presidential palace, where his remains were taken.

Hand of God

The legendary number 10 had sparkled at club level, as well as for the national team, in the Albiceleste shirt. His goal against England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup, which he renamed the “Hand of God”, is part of the history of the sport, as is his second goal, all dribbling.

Retired from the field at 37 years old, ” el Diez” (the 10, his jersey number, then sank into alcohol and drugs, increasing heart events, cleansing, weight problems stages, at the danger of his health.

Maradona's medical professional, 6 others to be questioned over the football icon's death