Philippines will not comply with ICC probe into ‘war on drugs’


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will not comply with an International Criminal Court (ICC examination into his administration’s war on controlled substances, his representative stated Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Presidential representative Harry Roque stated the choice by outbound ICC chief district attorney Fatou Bensouda to look for a complete examination into the war on drugs in the Philippines is “legally erroneous and politically motivated.”

Roque stated the Philippines would not comply since they are no longer a member of the ICC and included that the nation’s own justice system can performing examinations.

“We don’t need foreigners to investigate the killings in the drug war because the systems in the Philippines are working,” he stated, mentioning the conviction of policeman associated with the killing of 17-year-old kid in 2017.

Roque stated the ICC has no jurisdiction to perform an examination since the Philippines withdrew from the body in March 2017.

Bensouda, who steps down as ICC district attorney on Tuesday, stated the tribunal can examine criminal offenses that happened prior to the Philippines took out.

An initial assessment of the scenario in the Philippines revealed “reasonable basis to believe that the crime against humanity of murder has been committed” under the war on drugs project, she stated in a report to the tribunal.

The killings, apparently performed by federal government security forces and vigilantes, “appear to have been committed pursuant to an official state policy,” the report stated.

“The total number of civilians killed in connection with the (war on drugs between July 2016 and March 2019 appears to be between 12,000 and 30,000,” it included.

Philippines will not comply with ICC probe into 'war on drugs'