Parade of ultranationalists in Jerusalem without severe occurrences

17 arrests were however made at the end of the march 17 arrests were nevertheless made at the end of the march

Thousands of Israeli ultranationalists marched in East Jerusalem on Tuesday, June 15, while Palestinians reacted in Gaza with incendiary balloons, without any severe injuries to tape-record, regardless of worries of a new age of violence.

A couple of weeks after the dispute in between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, which ended after 11 days, the ‘March of the Flags’ held today was a test of the delicate Israeli federal government and the precarious ceasefire.

Although the media and security experts expected that the presentation would set off severe episodes of violence, it occurred without significant occurrences, regardless of some separated episodes, specifically of young Palestinians who declined to follow the authorities, reports AP.

At completion of the day, 33 Palestinians had actually been gently hurt due to the intervention of Israeli security forces with rubber bullets, reported the International Red Crescent, priced estimate by the EFE firm.

An Israeli authorities representative exposed that 2 officers were injured throughout the clashes, in which Palestinian youths were tossing stones at authorities, which 17 arrests were made.

In action to this parade that commemorates Israeli sovereignty over the Holy City, on the date that the Israelis think about the city’s reunification in 1967, Palestinians in Gaza reacted with the launch of incendiary balloons, which triggered a minimum of 10 fires in southern Israel.

The ‘March of the Flags’ required the Israeli authorities to increase security, provided the threat that the parade, arranged by young ultranationalists, might deteriorate into violence and provoke hostility from Gaza, after the Islamic motion Hamas required a Day of Wrath, in retaliation.

The preliminary require this march, for May 10, Jerusalem Day, needed to be suspended, as it set off a new age of violence– after days of stress, with authorities charges and the displacement of Arabs– in between militias in theStrip

Gaza, which released rockets into Israel, and the Israeli army.

Palestinian activists likewise Wednesday, June 16 released incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel, triggering a number of little fires, and threatened to continue doing so over night.

“We will launch balloons and burn tires in the border area in protest at the march of the Israeli flag in Jerusalem,” the group stated.

The Return March company, that includes a number of Palestinian factions, likewise required demonstrations in the Gaza Strip versus the Israeli flag march.

The escalation of the dispute, the most severe considering that 2014, ended with a ceasefire after 11 days, in which 255 Palestinians passed away in the Gaza Strip and 13 individuals in Israeli area.

Parade of ultranationalists in Jerusalem without severe occurrences