Alieu Kosiah ends up being very first Liberian to be founded guilty over nation’s war

Alieu Kosiah has actually been condemned of war criminal activities in a Swiss court, ending up being the very first Liberian to be founded guilty over the nation’s civil war.

He was sentenced to twenty years for criminal activities consisting of murder and rape.

Around 250,000 individuals were eliminated in Liberia’s 2 disputes in between 1989 and 2003, and lots of thousands more ran away.

Switzerland acknowledges the concept of universal justice, indicating suspects implicated of prominent criminal activities in other places can be attempted in its courts.

The trial was the very first under a 2011 Swiss law that permits prosecution for war criminal activities devoted throughout the world. It likewise marked the very first time war criminal activities charges have actually been heard by a Swiss civilian court.

Kosiah, 46, was a previous rebel leader, who ran away to Switzerland prior to being apprehended there in 2014.

The 20-year sentence consists of the 6 years he has actually currently served in detention.

He was apprehended after a civil liberties group, Civitas Maxima, provided the Swiss chief law officer with proof of his participation in war criminal activities, consisting of the intentional killing of civilians, sexual violence, abuse of remains and acts of cannibalism.

The court in the southern Swiss city of Bellinzona discovered him guilty of 21 out of the 25 charges that he initially dealt with. These consisted of:

  • purchasing the killing of 13 civilians and 2 unarmed soldiers
  • killing 4 civilians
  • raping a civilian
  • duplicated orders to loot
  • utilizing a kid soldier in armed hostilities

The criminal activities happened while he was combating with Alhaji Kromah’s United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy rebel group versus Charles Taylor’s soldiers in the remote Lofa County in the 1990s.

Liberia withstood 2 bouts of harsh battling from 1989 to 1997, after which Taylor ended up being president and 1999 to 2003.

Before Kosiah’s guilty decision, no Liberian had actually ever been founded guilty of criminal activities devoted throughout the dispute. Taylor was, nevertheless, founded guilty in 2012 of dedicating war criminal activities in neighbouring Sierra Leone.

He is serving his 50-year sentence in a jail in the UK.

His boy “Chuckie” Taylor was sentenced to 97 years in jail in a United States federal court in 2009 for abusing and eliminating individuals while he was the head of Liberia’s anti-terrorist services.

Ex- warlord Mohammed “Jungle Jabbah” Jabateh has actually been imprisoned for thirty years in the United States for lying about his past as a leader of a force that performed numerous murders and acts of cannibalism.

And Sierra Leonean Gibril Ealoghima Massaquoi is presently on trial in Finland for declared criminal activities devoted in Liberia.

Liberia has actually stopped working to hold war criminal activities trials due to the fact that of an absence of a political will, states this medium Liberia press reporter Jonathan Paye-Layleh

A post-war reality commission did call individuals who might be prosecuted, however as some have actually held crucial federal government positions an unique court has actually never ever been developed.

Liberia’s civil war:

  • Liberia withstood 2 bouts of harsh battling in 1989-1997 and 1999-2003
  • Charles Taylor led an uprising versus President Samuel Doe, who himself had actually taken power in a coup in 1980
  • Doe was carried out in 1990 by a rebel group led by Prince Johnson
  • Some 250,000 individuals were eliminated in the combating total
  • Thousands more were mutilated and raped
  • Taylor was chosen president in 1997 after a peace offer
  • The war was reignited in 1999 when 2 brand-new rebel groups emerged
  • Taylor stepped down and entered into exile ahead of a peace handle 2003

Alieu Kosiah ends up being very first Liberian to be founded guilty over nation's war