When ECOWAS leaders downed the last bottle

When ECOWAS leaders downed the last bottle

Please what’s the significance of ECOWAS?

The rest people, Sunday worshipers, were likewise busying ourselves with how to handle the brand-new fuel cost walkings. In truth, the cost per litre of fuel has actually out-sprinted the United States dollar and has actually securely planted itself around GHS6.2 for a ‘bottle’, in my late grandfather’s voice.

I waited with baited breath for completion of the “59th Ordinary Session of the Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government.”

Then after all the champagne had actually been served, the much-awaited communique was launched.

It included products such as:

COVID-19 action – never ever mind that this just implied they have actually accepted wait on the ‘obroni’ to present us remaining vaccines or the ones “which cannot be administered in the US.”

They discussed the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA. Just ignore the phenomenon that Nigeria, the most effective nation in the 15-member local financial bloc, closed its borders to the rest people prior to COVID-19 was found in Wuhan, China in November 2019.

The ECOWAS leaders were likewise adventurous sufficient to verbalise their dreams about security in the sub-Region and really discussed the strength of the local bloc in combating piracy and the Mali crisis!

Whatever the above lines implied didn’t wake me from my vision, up until I became aware of a brand-new moving date for accomplishing a single currency status for the ECOWAS nations.

I can wager my last Cedi cost savings, which is transformed into the future ECO currency would turn my home and I into instant paupers that the yeast in the champagne taken by our leaders over the weekend caused something strange ‘in our revered elected monarchs.’

In truth, they revealed a 2027 date for accomplishing the ECO currency status! Ooops!

Wow! The Saturday communique really sounded to me like the very first communique checked out at the Abuja Accords in 1975, when ECOWAS was birthed.

These men are constantly offering “moving dates and making future difficult guarantees!

And naturally, this constantly takes place when the last glass of champagne is “downed.”

Please what’s the significance of ECOWAS?

When ECOWAS leaders downed the last bottle