Taiwan’s president swears to support Hong Kong after paper closes


Taiwan Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing- wen

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing- wen on Thursday revealed unhappiness over the closure of the pro-democracy Apple Daily tabloid in Hong Kong and swore to keep supporting the city’s defend liberty.

Tsai’s remarks begun the exact same day the paper established by magnate Jimmy Lai in 1995 in Hong Kong released its last edition.

Tsai stated that for individuals in Hong Kong, after the city’s handover to China in 1997, the Apple Daily was not simply a paper, however a beachhead excitedly pursuing democracy and liberty fearlessly.

“I want to tell the people of Hong Kong that Taiwan will always stand with you in your struggle for freedom,” Tsai stated on Twitter.

Stressing that freedom-loving individuals need to watch out for each other, Tsai stated the global neighborhood has actually revealed issues over the degeneration of democracy and liberty in the previous British nest.

Taiwan’s legislators and political celebrations likewise condemned Chinese authorities and the Hong Kong federal government for weakening liberty of speech in Hong Kong in the name of the nationwide security law.

Taiwan’s judgment Democratic Progressive Party (DPP stated the circumstance in Hong Kong had actually sent out Taiwan the message that guarantees by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP might be withdrawed.

“Taiwan must firmly defend national sovereignty and democracy” along with oppose the design of One Country, Two Systems that Beijing utilized to bring Hong Kong back under its control, stated the DPP.

Taiwan has actually had an independent federal government because 1949, however China thinks about the democratic island part of its area.

Taiwan's president swears to support Hong Kong after paper closes