Possible Russia-European Union top confessed by Josep Borrell


President of Russia , Vladimir Putin President of Russia, Vladimir Putin

The head of diplomacy of the European Union (EU, Josep Borrell, Thursday, June 24 confessed the possibility of a top in between the local entity and Russia, according to journalism in the capital.

“There is a proposal from Germany and France to hold a meeting at the highest level with Russia, something that we will also discuss at the EU summit,” stated the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and International Security.

Borrell thought about at an EU conference that after the tactical conversation of the European position on its policy towards Moscow, a choice needs to be handled the conference of the bloc’s statesmen with the Russian management.

The media reported Wednesday, June 23 that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had actually proposed extending an invite to Russian President Vladimir Putin to participate in a conference of leading EU leaders, the effort got assistance from French President Emmanuel Macron, according to the Financial Times priced quote. in Brussels on regional tv.

Russia knocked the presence of a media project to present her as a danger to the old continent and hence validate additional military costs and unilateral financial sanctions versus her.

The EU top that ends today, Friday, June 25 will likewise talk about relations with Turkey, the issue of migration, environment modification, energy cooperation and the battle versus the Covid -19 pandemic.

Possible Russia-European Union top confessed by Josep Borrell