United States federal government prepares to release landmark report on UFOs

Pavithra George, Steve Gorman and Will Dunham

Washington– The United States federal government, as soon as freely dismissive of UFO sightings that for years triggered the popular creativity, is poised to release an extensive account of what it calls “unidentified aerial phenomena,” based greatly on observations by American military pilots.

The United States intelligence neighborhood, in combination with the Pentagon, is due in the coming days to send a report to Congress on the topic. The Pentagon recently has actually launched or validated the credibility of video from marine pilots revealing enigmatic airplane showing speed and maneuverability surpassing recognized air travel innovations.

In the lead-up to its upcoming report, Defence Department authorities have actually explained they take the concern seriously while avoiding concerns about any prospective extraterrestrial origins. The report marks a turning point for the United States military after years of deflecting, unmasking and discrediting observations of unknown flying items and “flying saucers.”

“We take reports of incursions into our airspace – by any aircraft, identified or unidentified – very seriously, and investigate each one,” Pentagon representative Sue Gough stated.

The experience of retired United States Navy Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich is a case in point. The fighter pilot was amongst a number of pilots from the attack aircraft carrier USS Nimitz associated with a 2004 encounter off California’s coast with unidentified airplane referred to as looking like big “Tic Tac” breath mints.

Dietrich remembered in an interview with Reuters today that the elongate things did not have “any visible flight control surfaces or means of propulsion.” Dietrich stated she thinks the episode was “analyzed in a professional, sober way” by the military hierarchy after she and her coworkers were debriefed.

She stated she hopes her capability to go public will assist relieve the preconception others as soon as dealt with under comparable situations, motivating them to “speak up, even if they don’t know what they saw.”

“I’m trying to normalize it by talking about it,” Dietrich stated, including, “I hope I’m not the ‘UFO, Tic Tac person’ for the rest of my life.”

The New York Times reported on June 3 that United States intelligence authorities have actually discovered no proof that unknown aerial phenomena (UAP) experienced by Navy pilots are alien spacecraft, however can not discuss the uncommon motions of these items and can not definitively eliminate extraterrestrial descriptions.

The Times, pointing out senior administration authorities informed on a categorized variation of the report, stated authorities discovered that the large bulk of more than 120 UAP occurrences over the previous 20 years– numerous observed by workers aboard United States Navy airplane and warships– did not stem from any American military or other sophisticated federal government innovation.

The term “unidentified flying objects,” or UFOs, long connected with the concept of alien spacecraft, has actually been changed in main federal government parlance by “UAP.” In addition to the UAP 2004 event, others from 2014 and 2015 taking place off the United States East Coast have actually been validated by the Navy, with the items considered “unidentified.”

The report, to be provided by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, will consist of the work of a U.S. Navy- led job force developed by the Pentagon in August 2020 to analyze UAP occurrences. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio contributed in commissioning the report, purchased as part of more comprehensive legislation passed in 2015.


Public fascination with UFOs normally dates to 1947, when the pilot of a little aircraft reported seeing 9 “saucer-like” items flying at supersonic speed near Mount Rainier in Washington state. His account triggered a paper heading about “flying saucers” and preceded a wave of comparable U.S. sightings in subsequent months.

That exact same year, United States military authorities stated wreckage recuperated near Roswell, New Mexico, represented residues of a crashed weather condition balloon, though theories of a downed alien spacecraft and recuperated bodies of extraterrestrial beings have actually stuck around in UFO tradition.

Reacting to such occurrences throughout the height of the Cold War, a CIA advisory panel concluded that UFO sightings positioned a possible danger to nationwide security. So started the federal government’s history of main hesitation towards such reports, according to Christopher Mellon, a previous deputy assistant defence secretary for intelligence who has actually advised higher authorities openness on the topic.

While openly dismissive of UFOs, the Air Force examined and cataloged more than 12,000 sightings under its Project Blue Book program, classifying 701 cases as “unidentified” prior to the task ended in 1969. The Air Force later on stated it discovered no indicator of a nationwide security danger or proof of extraterrestrial craft.

Conventional nationwide security threats positioned by such occurrences will likely be covered in the upcoming report, according to Mick West, a UFO doubter and scientist. On the other hand, West included, “evidence that UAPs represent something extraordinary – like anti-gravity, possibly aliens – has not been forthcoming and it is unlikely it will be.”

United States federal government prepares to release landmark report on UFOs.