Sri Lankan death row prisoners on cravings strike for commuted sentences


Protests started as a politician convicted for murder was pardoned and released Protests began as a political leader founded guilty for murder was pardoned and launched

Death row detainees in Sri Lanka have actually introduced a cravings strike project requiring their sentences be travelled, authorities stated on Monday, June 28, after a political leader from the ruling celebration serving a sentence for murder was pardoned and launched.

More than 200 detainees are presently associated with the cravings strike. Some have actually inhabited the roofs of 2 high-security prisons in Colombo and an adjacent district for the previous 4 days, jail representative Chandana Ekanayake stated.

The demonstrations began after a political leader who supports the ruling celebration and who was founded guilty to death for eliminating a competing political leader was provided a governmental pardon allowing him to leave prison on Thursday, June 24.

The political leader, Duminda Silva, was a previous member of parliament. He was sentenced in 2016 for the murder he devoted in 2011.

Sri Lanka presently does not carry out the death sentence, even if the sentence is bied far for cases including murder or drug trafficking.

The last time Sri Lanka carried out the death sentence remained in 1976.

About 509 individuals who have actually been sentenced to death are presently serving prison terms, with a few of them in prison for more than 25 years.

The detainees sentenced to death are requiring that their sentence be travelled, which would make them qualified for an early release from prison.

Sri Lanka minimizes prison terms for excellent behaviour for prisoners, however individuals serving death sentence are not entitled to the concession.

Sri Lankan death row prisoners on cravings strike for commuted sentences