Ukraine’s female soldiers to march in high heels


The Ukrainian military launched images of female soldiers practicing for a parade in block heels

Plans by Ukraine’s defence ministry to have female soldiers march in high heels rather of army boots in a parade next month have actually triggered mad responses.

Iryna Gerashchenko, an opposition member of parliament, stated it was sexism, not equality.

Ukraine is preparing to stage a military parade on 24 August to mark thirty years of self-reliance following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The defence ministry states the shoes belong to regulation-dress uniform.

Many in Ukraine revealed shock at the strategy, with a group of legislators getting in touch with Defence Minister Andriy Taran to use an apology.

“The story of a parade in heels is a real disgrace,” analyst Vitaly Portnikov stated on Facebook, arguing that some authorities had a “medieval” state of mind.

Ms Gerashchenko stated she at first believed the photos of females soldiers practicing in fight pants and black pumps with block heels was a scam. She stated it was sexism, not equality, and questioned why the ministry believed heels were more crucial than developing body armour customized to females.

Maria Berlinska, an army veteran, stated a parade needs to show military expertise, however this one was to turn on senior officers in the grandstands.

Olena Kondratyuk, the deputy parliamentary speaker, mentioned that more than 13,500 females had actually combated in the existing dispute pitting Ukraine versus Russian- backed separatists in the east.

More than 31,000 females now serve in the nation’s militaries, consisting of more than 4,000 who are officers.

Ukraine's female soldiers to march in high heels