Most males are bisexual nowadays– Angela Simmons declares


Angela Simmons says she wants a strictly straight man going forward Angela Simmons states she desires a strictly straight guy moving forward

Hip- hop royalty who just recently broke up with fighter Daniel Jacobs states her next guy must be totally straight among other qualities. Why totally directly? “you know, half and half nowadays,” she indicated.

During a scene onGrowing Up Hip-Hop, Angela Simmons recommended that she would choose a male who has sexual intercourse with only ladies.

According to PageSix, angela exposed other qualities her dream guy must have. She stated, “The guy would have to have certain qualities. He has to definitely be a family man, God-fearing, funny, established. It is a long list.

“My son will definitely have to give his approval. I don’t want anybody around my son if he doesn’t like him, absolutely. But I don’t like drama. So, I definitely want no part of it. I don’t look at it as flattering at all.”

Currently, single Simmons has actually dated numerous A-list celebs, consisting of Bowow, Rob Kardashian, Oscar Salinas andSerge Ibaka She was likewise in a brief relationship with Romeo Miller in 2012.

But their relationship turned sour, and he wound up stopping a program they were doing together. She wound up with Sutton Tennyson, and they had a boy, Sutton Joseph, in 2016. But the relationship pertained to an end in 2017.

Most males are bisexual nowadays-- Angela Simmons declares