Taliban alerts Turkey over extended stay of forces in Afghanistan


Taliban insists Turkey Taliban firmly insists Turkey’s continued stay is an offense of Afghan sovereignty

The Taliban militant group cautioned Turkey on Tuesday, July 13 not to keep soldiers in the nation after completion of the NATO objective.

Turkey has actually stated talks are continuous with the Afghan federal government and the United States to keep its soldiers at Kabul airport to make sure the global entrance keeps working after foreign forces leave in the next weeks.

“The decision of Turkish leadership is ill-advised, a violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity and against our national interests,” the insurgent group stated in a declaration.

The Taliban stated that if Turkey extends its “occupation,” then the group is prepared to eliminate.

The Turkish NATO contingent in Afghanistan has actually been offering security and necessary airfield services for Kabul International Airport.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has actually required a reasonable burden-sharing of the job considered that “uninterrupted, safe operation of Kabul International Airport is indispensable for the continued presence of diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.”

The airport remains in a tactical place near to the Afghan governmental palace and foreign diplomatic objectives in Kabul and the only location to leave diplomats in emergency situation circumstances.

A brand-new air defence system was triggered and checked at Kabul airport over the previous 2 days.

Taliban alerts Turkey over extended stay of forces in Afghanistan