Rockets fired from south Lebanon on Israeli posts, sources state

At least 15 rockets were fired at Israeli posts in Shebaa Farms from south Lebanon on Friday, in the most recent cross-border attack from the location, a Lebanese security source stated.

A Lebanese security source stated the rockets were fired from Al-Habbariyeh valley, which is close to the border of Shebaa.

The Israeli army reported there were 10 rockets fired which the majority of them had actually been obstructed by the Iron Dome rocket defence system, while the rest landed in open locations.

The army assaulted the websites which had actually fired the rockets, it stated in a declaration.

No casualties were at first reported, according to the rescue service.
Israeli army representative Amnon Shefler stated, “our understanding is, Hezbollah deliberately aimed for open area to not escalate the situation.”

He included that Hezbollah simply wished to reveal that they are in control of the south of Lebanon.

Hezbollah declared obligation, stating it had actually fired rockets into “open areas” in the Shebaa Farms, stating the attack remained in reaction to Thursday’s airstrikes on southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah in a declaration stated that “at 11.15 am [local time] this Friday, and in response to the Israeli air raids (… the groups of the martyr Ali Kamel Mohsen and the martyr Muhammad Qasim Tahan in the Islamic Resistance [Hezbollah] shelled open lands for the Israeli occupation in Shebaa farms with tens of 122mm rockets.”

Meanwhile, a video flowing on Lebanese media revealed some mad Lebanese citizens from the town of Shawyaa, in the Hasbaya district, obstructing a truck with a rocket launcher quickly after the rockets were fired with 4 males worn military tiredness.

According to a Lebanese security source, the truck and the males who remained in the automobile were turned over to the Lebanese army.

Hezbollah, in a 2nd declaration, verified that its males and truck had actually been obstructed by villagers after shooting the rockets from a neighboring area.
“The Islamic Resistance [Hezbollah] was, and will remain very careful for the safety of the people,” the declaration stated.

It included that it will not expose any damage to individuals throughout its resistance work which they are the ones who are “paying blood” to protect the security of Lebanon and its people.

The exact same security source stated previously that Israeli weapons instantly reacted by shelling the valley of Habbariyeh, as Israeli warplanes flew low over the location.

The United Nations interim forces in Southern Lebanon (UNIFIL, which keeps an eye on the border in between Lebanon and Israel, stated it “detected rocket launches from Lebanon and return artillery fire by Israel.”

“This is a very serious situation and we urge all parties to ceasefire,” UNIFIL stated in a declaration.

Rockets fired from south Lebanon on Israeli posts, sources state