Afghanistan: Taliban overrun city of Kunduz

The Taliban have actually overrun the northern provincial capital of Kunduz as part of a significant offensive. It’s a significant blow for the Afghan forces and it’s not the only city where intense battling is happening.

Where else has the Taliban releases offensives?

Taliban forces are combating in the capital of southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province, Lashkar Gah.

Airstrikes harmed a health center and high school in the city provincial council member stated Sunday.

A Defense Ministry declaration validated that airstrikes were performed in parts of the city. It stated forces targeted Taliban positions, eliminating 54 fighters and injuring 23 others. It made no reference of a center or school being bombed.

Majid Akhund, deputy chairman of the Helmand provincial council, stated airstrikes struck a health center and a school in the city’s 7th cops district lateSaturday But he stated the location is under Taliban control so any casualties might have been triggered by the Taliban there.

Pro-Taliban sources stated that the Taliban have actually taken total control of city of Taloqan in northeastern Takhar Province that borders Tajikistan.
Fighting was likewise reported on the borders of Herat, in the west, and Kandahar in the south.

How has the worldwide neighborhood reacted?
Carl Bildt, co-chair of think tank the European Council on Foreign Relations has actually implicated the Biden administration of taking out of Afghanistan too soon.

Bildt, who is a previous Swedish prime minister, stated “the United States is running away.”

“Saigon 1975 all over again,” he tweeted, describing Washington’s withdrawal from Vietnam.

Ambassador Ghulam M. Isaczai, Afghanistan’s long-term agent to the United Nations, stated the continuous violence was “too painful to watch.”

The senior diplomat tweeted a graphic video that he stated revealed a dead kid who had actually been eliminated by Islamist militants.

“Afghan children are bearing the brunt of this violence unleashed by Taliban on Afghanistan. The world cannot sit on the sideline for another tragedy to unfold,” he composed on Twitter.

DW has actually not had the ability to individually validate the video’s material.

The Taliban’s sweeping offensive

Taliban overrun Kunduz

The fundamentalist Taliban group overran the northern city of Kunduz on Sunday.

The Taliban’s bear down the provincial capital follows 2 others was up to the insurgents in the previous 2 days.

The insurgents have actually taken control of all crucial federal government centers in the city other than for a military base and the airport, where high-ranking regional authorities have actually supposedly drawn back to.

The airport lies around 8 kilometers (5 miles) south of Kunduz town hall.

The Taliban overran the city amidst “fierce street-to-street fighting” Amruddin Wali, a member of the Kunduz provincial council, informed AFP.

The Taliban declared in a Twitter post that it had actually taken a a great deal of armored cars, cars, weapons and military devices.

The ministry of defense stated federal government forces were combating to retake these crucial websites.

“The commando forces have launched a clearing operation. Some areas, including the national radio and TV buildings, have been cleared of the terrorist Taliban,” it stated in a declaration.

Fighting was continuing at the city’s airport and other parts of the city, provincial council member Ghulam Rabani Rabani stated.

Health authorities in Kunduz stated that 14 bodies, consisting of those of females and kids, and more than 30 hurt individuals had actually been required to healthcare facility.

Kunduz has actually been a seasonal target for the Taliban, who quickly overran the city in 2015 and once again in 2016 however never ever handled to hold it for long.

It is a tactical crossroads with excellent access to much of northern Afghanistan along with the capital, Kabul, about 335 kilometers (200 miles) away.

It is among the nation’s bigger cities with a population of more than 340,000. Kabul has a population of over 4 million.

The German Bundeswehr’s Kunduz connection

The German armed force was stationed in Kunduz province from 2003 to 2013, following the US-led intrusion of Afghanistan in 2001.

More Germans were eliminated in clashes in Kunduz and the surrounding province of Baghlan than anywhere else.

Last year, prior to the Bundeswehr withdrew from Afghanistan, around 100 German soldiers were stationed in the area in Camp Pamir.

Heavy combating in Sar- e-Pul
Meanwhile, combating in between the Taliban and Afghan forces in the northern Sar- e-Pul province has actually supposedly reached the provincial capital on Sunday.

“The Taliban have surrounded an army battalion on the outskirts of the city. All other parts of the city are under Taliban control,” Mohammad Hussein Mujahidzada, a member of the Sar- e-Pul provincial council, informed news company AFP.

Taliban sieze Sheberghan

The fundamentalist Taliban group took the northern city of Sheberghan on Saturday.

Sheberghan is the capital of Jowzjan Province and is house to Uzbek warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum.

Dostum, who is allied with the United States, stated he is requiring supports from the Afghan federal government.

Kabul- based reporter Franz Marty informed DW it’s most likely that Dostum’s forces will wage a “counteroperation” in the coming days.

Taliban fighters assisted totally free detainees from the city’s prison, according to videos on social networks.

The deputy guv of Jowzjan, Qader Malia, informed the AFP news company that the city had “unfortunately fallen.”

Taliban making quick territorial gains

The Taliban are increase their offending as the United States and NATO allies take out soldiers from the nation.

Anti-Taliban protesters in current weeks have actually screamed “Allahu Akbar” (God is the best) to reveal their assistance for Afghan security forces in the heavy battling versus the group.

The Taliban caught the provincial capital of Zaranj in southwestern Nimroz province on Friday.

Journalist Ali Latifi, who is likewise based in Kabul, informed DW that the Taliban might be attempting to “confuse” Afghan federal government forces, as the 2 provincial capitals lie in entirely various locations of the nation.

“The Taliban are trying to stretch the security forces out as thin and as wide as they possibly can,” Latifi stated. At the very same time, he stated it asks the concern whether the Taliban can maintain combating on numerous fronts too.

Could the combating infect Kabul?

In concerns to the combating perhaps infecting the nation’s capital, Kabul, Latifi stated the “fortress city” is more safe and secure than other parts of the nation.

“Kabul is where they will put all of their focus and their attention,” Latifi stated, describing the Afghan federal government.

“If they do manage to lose Kabul, then that’s obviously the ultimate blow to them. They will do everything they can to hold on to the national capital,” he included.

A bomb eliminated an Afghan Air Force pilot in Kabul on Saturday, with the Taliban declaring obligation for the attack.

Kamran Bokhari, the director of analytical advancement at the Washington D.C.-based Newlines Institute believe tank, informed DW that the war in Afghanistan is “far from over” and asserted the Taliban are by and big “a rural and suburban force.”

“They have not yet managed to demonstrate the capability to mount successful assaults against well-defended cities and provincial capitals,” Bokhari stated of the group.

Complete United States pullout anticipated later on this month
President Joe Biden revealed in April that he would withdraw all soldiers from Afghanistan by September 11. The pulllout is now anticipated to be totally total by August 31, according to current declarations from the commander-in-chief.

Critics of the withdrawal have actually alerted that the Taliban might perhaps take control of the whole nation and roll back improvements in females’s rights.

The United States got into Afghanistan in 2001 in pursuit of al-Qaida, the jihadist group behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Taliban was ousted from power throughout the intrusion, with the United States dealing with NATO allies to train the Afghan security forces.

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Afghanistan: Taliban overrun city of Kunduz