Indonesia is sorry for event with Nigerian diplomat

The Nigerian diplomat being pinned by Indonasian immigration officers The Nigerian diplomat being pinned by Indonasian migration officers

Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry said sorry Thursday, August 12 for what it called a misinterpreting with a Nigerian diplomat and revealed it had actually introduced an official examination of the event.

Nigeria previously today remembered its ambassador to Indonesia and summoned Indonesia’s envoy in Abuja for talks after a dripped video of the Saturday event went viral on social networks and triggered outrage.

The video reveals 3 Indonesian migration authorities pinning the diplomat, whose name has actually not been launched, into the rear seats of a moving car, one holding his arm and another pressing on his head as the guy screams “I can’t breathe” and “my neck, my neck.”

Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative Teuku Faizasyah informed press reporters that there had actually been several conferences with Nigerian authorities considering that the event, consisting of conversations with the ambassador in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The diplomat was uncooperative and declined to turn over his files when faced in the lobby of an apartment, so was collared, according to Ibnu Chuldun, the head of the Jakarta branch of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, which deals with migration concerns.

In the vehicle, the guy was held down after he assaulted migration authorities, Chuldun declared in a declaration following the event.

Only after being questioned at the regional migration workplace did the guy state he was a diplomat and produced his identity files, he stated.

It was unclear who videotaped the scene nor how it dripped, however according to regional Nigerian media reports, the federal government had actually validated the guy in the video was among its diplomats.

Chuldun stated the event was settled “amicably” the very same day after the Nigerian ambassador personally pertained to the migration workplace to step in.

The diplomatic relocations from Nigeria that followed, nevertheless, recommend that the matter was not totally solved.

Indonesia is sorry for event with Nigerian diplomat