Outrage as Rasta teenager states authorities in Jamaica cut off her dreadlocks

19-year-old Jamaican woman, Nzinga King 19-year-old Jamaican female, Nzinga King

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF has actually come under extreme analysis after a female policeman on the force apparently cut the dreadlocks of a Rastafarian teen who remained in their custody. The officer apparently declared she cut off the teen’s dreadlocks since she believed her natural hairdo presented a suicide threat.

The event, which was highly condemned by the teen’s moms and dads and lawyer, rekindled memories of the fatal 1963 clash in between Rastafarians and the Caribbean country’s police, The Gleaner reported.

In an interview with the news outlet, 19-year-old Nzinga King stated she was detained by officers in the Jamaican parish of Clarendon on July 22 following a fight. The teen stated she remained in a taxi when 2 policemans pulled the motorist over and bought a male guest to alight from the automobile. After the male resident overlooked their orders, she stated among the officers sprayed pepper spray into the automobile, neglecting the other guests.

“A lady was there breastfeeding and the policeman behaved as if he did not care, so I came out (the taxi and I was angry because you came there to remove one occupant and you pepper-spray the whole car,” she remembered.

The teen stated she wound up needing to eliminate her facemask after she was struck by the pepper spray as she might not appropriately breathe. But she stated the officers informed her to put it back on and cautioned that they would charge her for flouting the island country’s COVID-19 security procedures if she did not comply. Things, nevertheless, intensified from there and she was processed for court on a disorderly conduct charge.

King was provided a $6,000 fine with a 10-day prison sentence if not able to pay. And since she could not pay the fine, she was collared and sent out to the Four Paths Police Station in Clarendon where she had her dreadlocks cut though she protested it, she stated. King informed The Gleaner she was left embarrassed as a Rastafarian after she lost her dreadlocks.

“I’ve been to a lot of places and I’ve been accepted. I’ve never been shunned or turned away or been put aside. I’ve never experienced this until the 22nd of July. That was the first time being violated because of my culture,” she stated.

The teen likewise stated the event restored traumatic memories of when she was gang-raped at the age of 16. “I have been suffering from a recent trauma. I’ve been traumatized and this now, she’s just bring me back to some memories of being sexually abused and now I am being physically and mentally abused,” King stated.

Meanwhile, the lawyer representing King’s household, Isat Buchanan, stated they’re going to submit a suit versus the state if the household isn’t made up for the “aggravated and egregious act.” “There is no pier in law that could allow a police officer to scalp a Rastafarian,” Buchanan stated.

“Black hair is a symbol of our roots. Many state actors may resent it, but the Constitution says it must be protected. That is all I will say on the issue. As a member of the Rastafarian community, Princess Nzinga was scalped by a woman officer, and no justification in law will suffice,” the lawyer included.

The Caribbean country’s Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, has actually likewise bought an examination into the event.

Outrage as Rasta teenager states authorities in Jamaica cut off her dreadlocks