Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani flees to UAE

The UAE says it has welcomed Mr Ghani and his family on humanitarian grounds

The UAE states it has actually invited Mr Ghani and his household on humanitarian premises

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has actually taken sanctuary in the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf country verified.

Mr Ghani ran away Afghanistan as the Taliban born down its capital city Kabul over the weekend.

The UAE’s foreign ministry stated the nation had actually invited Mr Ghani and his household on humanitarian premises.

There had actually been rumours that Mr Ghani may have left toTajikistan There are likewise unofficial reports that he had a big quantity of cash with him.

In a Facebook post dealt with to Afghan residents on Sunday, Mr Ghani stated he made the challenging choice to delegate prevent bloodshed in the capital city.

However, he has actually dealt with extreme criticism from other Afghan political leaders for leaving the nation.

“God will hold him accountable and the nation will also judge,” stated Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of Afghanistan’s High Council for National Reconciliation.

United States President Joe Biden likewise criticised Afghanistan’s federal government for leaving in a speech on Monday.

However, the United States has actually continued to describe “President Ghani”, with the State Department stating that there has actually not been an official handover of power.

Mr Ghani entered into workplace in 2014 and was re-elected in February 2020.

Speaking to this medium previously this year, he dismissed worries of a Taliban military triumph. “This is not Vietnam. The government is not collapsing,” he stated.

It is not the very first time a leader has actually looked for sanctuary in the UAE. Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto resided in exile there for a number of years prior to she was assassinated in her house nation in 2007.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani flees to UAE