Anti-Taliban forces ‘prepared for the resistance’

Ahmad Massoud, leader of the anti-Taliban forces, speaks to supporters in Panjshir province, Afghanistan

Ahmad Massoud, leader of the anti-Taliban forces, speaks with advocates in Panjshir province, Afghanistan

A representative for the anti-Taliban forces collecting in the Panjshir Valley area of Afghanistan stated that the group means to “pursue peace and negotiations before any sort of war and conflict starts”.

Ali Nazary, of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, informed this medium that countless fighters had actually collected in the area under Ahmad Massoud, kid of the famous anti-Taliban leader, Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Nazary gotten in touch with the Taliban to participate in “sincere” settlements, stating Massoud’s forces were “ready for the resistance”.

“The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan thinks that for any long lasting peace, we need to attend to the hidden issues ofAfghanistan We can not simply continue the very same pattern we have actually been seeing for the previous 40 years or 100 years or 200 years in the nation. The primary issue is the centralised political system in the nation,” he stated.

“Afghanistan is a country made up of ethnic minorities”, he stated. “It is a multicultural state. It needs power sharing, a power sharing deal where everyone sees itself in power… If one political force, whoever it is, from wherever they come from, if they try to dominate politics it will just create the conditions for internal warfare and the continuation of the current conflict.”

In a post for the Washington Post recently, Ahmad Massoud promised to “defend Panjshir as the last bastion of Afghan freedom” and gotten in touch with Western countries to “aid the cause of freedom”.

Anti-Taliban forces 'prepared for the resistance'