Rockets fired towards Afghanistan’s Kabul airport

Several rockets have actually been fired at Kabul’s global airport, a day prior to the due date for the United States soldiers to take out of Afghanistan ends.

The White House, which verified the attack, stated that evacuation operations at the airport were not cut off, including that United States President Joe Biden was informed about the current rocket attack on Monday early morning targeted at the Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul.

A United States main informed the Reuters news firm that a few of the rockets were obstructed by a rocket defense system.

The attack comes a day after the United States forces introduced a 2nd drone attack in Afghanistan after Thursday’s suicide battle at the airport that left almost 200 individuals dead. At least 13 United States soldiers were likewise amongst those eliminated.

The United States stated it had actually wished to secure suicide bombers in the current drone attack in Kabul however media reports state numerous kids were eliminated in the event that damaged a cars and truck packed with dynamites.

Here are the current updates:

19 minutes earlier (11:57 GMT)

The United States moved 1,200 individuals from Kabul on Sunday: White House
The United States airlifted about 1,200 individuals from Kabul on Sunday, the White House states, as the huge evacuation from Afghanistan enters its last day.

41 minutes earlier (11:36 GMT)

EU must support Afghanistan’s next-door neighbors: Josep Borrell
The European Union must supply financial backing to nations surrounding Afghanistan to assist them handle refugees leaving the Taliban, the bloc’s diplomacy chief states in an interview.

“We will have to increase cooperation with the neighboring countries to resolve issues related to Afghanistan. We must help them with the first refugee wave,” Josep Borrell informed Italy’s Corriere Della Sera paper.

“Afghans fleeing the country are not going to reach Rome in the first place, but maybe Tashkent (in Uzbekistan). We need to help those countries that will be on the front line.”

Rockets fired towards Afghanistan's Kabul airport

1 hour ago (11:03 GMT)

Russia requires the conference to reconstruct Afghan economy

Russia has actually proposed a worldwide conference to reconstruct Afghanistan’s economy following the Taliban’s takeover of the nation and an occurring wave of migrations.

“All the wealthy countries of the world must meet with representatives of the new Afghan authorities to discuss issues of economic and social reconstruction,” Moscow’s Afghanistan envoy, Samir Kabulov, stated on state tv.

Kabulov stated he saw nations that had actually released soldiers in Afghanistan as very first in line for such efforts, stating: “This is a question of honor and conscience.”

However, he likewise clarified that the conference would not imply “leaving the money to the Taliban,” however stated the cash was required to support the nationwide currency, for instance.

1 hour ago (10:52 GMT)

Infographic: Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis
One in 3 Afghans is going starving and over half a million individuals have actually been displaced by dispute considering that January.

Rockets fired towards Afghanistan's Kabul airport

2 hours earlier (10:27 GMT)

Russia contacts the United States to launch Afghan reserve bank reserves
Russia has actually contacted the United States to launch Afghan reserve bank reserves that Washington obstructed after the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul previously this month.

“If our Western colleagues are actually worried about the fate of the Afghan people, then we must not create additional problems for them by freezing gold and foreign exchange reserves,” stated the Kremlin’s envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov.

The US need to urgently thaw these properties, he stated on the state-run Rossiya 24 network,“to bolster the rate of the collapsing national currency” Kabulov included that without doing so the brand-new Afghan authorities will rely on “the trafficking of illegal opiates” and “sell on the black market the weapons” deserted by the Afghan army and the United States.

2 hours earlier (10:10 GMT)

‘Far greater humanitarian crisis’ looms in Afghanistan: UNHCR
As evacuations from Kabul unwind in coming days, “a larger crisis is just beginning” in Afghanistan and for its 39 million individuals, the UN refugee firm UNHCR states, appealing for assistance.

Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, whose firm stated last Friday that as much as 500,000 Afghans might get away by year-end, repeated a require borders to stay open and for more nations to share “this humanitarian responsibility” with Iran and Pakistan which currently host 2.2 million Afghans.

“The airlifts out of Kabul will end in a matter of days, and the tragedy that has unfolded will no longer be as visible. But it will still be a daily reality for millions of Afghans. We must not turn away. A far greater humanitarian crisis is just beginning,” Grandi stated in a declaration.

2 hours earlier (10:02 GMT)

Germany’s Maas advises talks with Russia, China over Afghanistan
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has actually stated Russia and China require to be associated with talks on the future of Afghanistan, consisting of on prepare for the evacuation of Afghans dealing with possible persecution by the Taliban.

An emergency situation conference of the UN Security Council in New York later Monday would be an indicator of whether Moscow and Beijing want to work together, he stated.

There are efforts underway “to bring all important international partners to the table, and so it will be important that Russia and China are also there”, Maas stated throughout a check out to the Uzbek capital Tashkent.

Unlike the other irreversible members of the UN Security Council– United States, Britain and France– Russia and China still have embassies open in Taliban- ruled Afghanistan.

3 hours earlier (09:45 GMT)

Afghan refugees stranded in between Poland and Belarus are unhealthy
An help group has actually revealed issue about the health of a group of Afghan refugees who have actually been stranded for weeks at the border in between Poland and Belarus amidst a spat about migration in between the 2 nations.

“Many are complaining of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea,” representative Kalina Czwarnog, of the help company Ocalenie, which suggests “rescue”, informed DPA news firm. Polish border guards had actually stopped an ambulance from reaching individuals, she stated.

The group is comprised of 32 individuals from Afghanistan, according to the help company. They have actually been remaining in a forest near the town of Usnarz Gorny for practically 3 weeks, intending to cross into the EU.

4 hours earlier (08:39 GMT)

Taliban condemns United States attack in Kabul: Chinese media
Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban representative, has actually condemned the United States for introducing an attack in Kabul without notifying it initially, according to an interview on China’s state tv CGTN.

The representative informed CGTN that it is illegal for the United States to release attacks in other nations at will, including that 7 individuals were eliminated in Sunday’s drone strike.

“If there was any potential threat in Afghanistan, it should have been reported to us, not an arbitrary attack that has resulted in civilian casualties,” Mujahid stated in a written reaction to CGTN.

Rockets fired towards Afghanistan's Kabul airport

4 hours earlier (08:24 GMT)

Uzbekistan prepared to assist Germany with evacuations: Minister

Uzbekistan wants to open its borders to individuals leaving from Taliban guideline in Afghanistan who are on a German list of those at-risk in the nation and require to be left, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas states.

Maas is on a journey to Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Qatar, to name a few to discover methods to leave these individuals, either by airplane, if Kabul airport can be kept open after NATO withdraws or overland to surrounding nations.

“Uzbekistan is prepared to help us with this group of people,” Maas stated.

4 hours earlier (07:55 GMT)

The United States has the capability to leave staying Americans: Official
The United States has the capability to leave the around 300 United States residents staying in Afghanistan who wish to leave prior to the Tuesday due date, President Joe Biden’s nationwide security advisor Jake Sullivan states.

“We have the capacity to have 300 Americans, which is roughly the number we think are remaining, come to the airport and get on planes in the time that is remaining,” he stated.

Sullivan stated the United States does not presently prepare to have a continuous embassy existence after the last United States troop withdrawal. But he promised the United States “will make sure there is safe passage for any American citizen, any legal permanent resident” after Tuesday, in addition to for “those Afghans who helped us”.

Rockets fired towards Afghanistan's Kabul airport

4 hours earlier (07:49 GMT)

About 500 Russian soldiers in drills near Afghanistan

About 500 Russian motorized infantry soldiers are performing drills in the mountains of Tajikistan versus the background of instability in surrounding Afghanistan, Russia’s defense ministry is estimated as stating.

All servicemen associated with the workout originated from the Russian military base in Tajikistan, the Interfax news firm estimated the Central Military District command as stating.

The existing set of drills is the 3rd one performed by Russia near to the Afghan border this month. Next month, a Russia- led security bloc will hold another workout in Kyrgyzstan which hosts a Russian military airbase.

6 hours earlier (06:16 GMT)

Children amongst civilians eliminated in United States drone attack
Several kids have actually been eliminated in a United States drone attack that damaged a cars and truck packed with dynamites near the global airport in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, according to witnesses.

Witnesses informed Al Jazeera a minimum of 3 kids were amongst 6 civilians who passed away in Sunday’s attack, while some media reports state 9 members of one household consisting of 6 kids were amongst the dead.

6 hours earlier (06:12 GMT)

Japan leaves one nationwide and 14 Afghan individuals

Japan stated that military airplane the federal government had actually released for Afghanistan left Kabul bring one Japanese individual, and are presently remaining in a nearby nation.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato stated throughout a press conference that the airplane likewise left 14 Afghan individuals to another nation at the demand of the United States.

A little number of Japanese still stay in Afghanistan as they did not want to leave the nation, Kato stated.

6 hours earlier (06:10 GMT)

Mexico gets more leaving Afghan reporters, households

Mexico has actually gotten 86 media employees and their relative from Afghanistan, the federal government states.

Most of individuals who showed up with the current flight worked for The Wall Street Journal paper in Afghanistan, the federal government stated in a declaration. The group, the 3rd one to show up considering that evacuations started, landed at Mexico City’s global airport.

Mexico called the reception of individuals from Afghanistan “a political decision” performed completely adherence to the historic custom of humanitarian help.

“The government of Mexico reiterates its willingness to grant protection and assistance for humanitarian reasons within its capacities to people from that country, whose life and integrity are in imminent danger.”

Rockets fired towards Afghanistan's Kabul airport.