Afghanistan on edge as United States leaves, Taliban asserts near complete control

Resistance fighters in Panjir reported an offense by Taliban forces Resistance fighters in Panjir reported an offense by Taliban forces

Reports of battling emerged on Tuesday from the one part of Afghanistan not under Taliban control, even as the fundamentalist group asserted its control in Kabul, hours after the last United States soldiers ended the nation’s 20-year existence there.

Resistance fighters in Panjir reported an offense by Taliban forces. About 7 or 8 Taliban fighters passed away in the Monday offensive, according to Fahim Dashti, a representative for the forces in Panjir, speaking on a Whatsapp video.

He likewise kept in mind that many individuals had actually been injured on his side.
Panjir is the only district that was not taken in the Taliban’s offensive this month. Nor was it taken in 1996-2001, partly since the area is just available through a valley that is fairly simple to protect.

The Taliban made no remark. It has actually made fairly couple of attacks on Panjir even as it took control of the remainder of the nation.
Meanwhile, Kabul homeowners reported calm in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, in the wake of the United States departure.

“The city is quiet,” stated Lotfullah, who resides in mainKabul Most stores in the Shahr- e Nau district were open, however just have a couple of consumers, he stated.

A couple of banks resumed their biggest branches on Tuesday, simply more than 2 weeks after the Taliban reconquered the nation, and numerous individuals stood in line to withdraw cash.

In the streets, couple of members of the Taliban remained in proof. Most were securing structures, generally federal government workplaces.
One citizen of the Dasht- e Barchi district in western Kabul stated personal and public schools had actually resumed for the very first time given that the Taliban took power in mid-August

All students approximately the 6th grade have actually gone back to school, he stated.
A day previously, the last United States soldiers left Kabul, giving an end a tense evacuation objective and a 20-year war in Afghanistan.

Although the United States had actually started preparing its departure in 2020, after an offer in between the Trump administration and the Taliban, when President Joe Biden continued with the strategy, he had actually anticipated to hand control to a Western- backed federal government, not individuals the United States had actually been defending twenty years.
Taliban members are hence pleased.

Their forces have actually inhabited the city’s airport, which had actually been the last sanctuary of United States control as Washington and its allies carried out a desperate airlift operation for the last 2 weeks to get Westerners and their allies out of the nation.

Taliban members securing the airport now are essentially equivalent from the United States soldiers who had actually secured it up till Monday, having actually robbed deserted products and utilizing uniforms and devices left.
“We’re writing history again. The 20-year occupation of Afghanistan by the US and NATO ended this evening. God is great,” was one cry.
Meanwhile, Afghan ladies’s rights activist Fawzia Koofi gotten in touch with the Taliban to reconstruct the nation in an inclusive method.

After twenty years of the existence of United States and NATO forces, and all the pledges made to civil society, ladies, and youths, that chapter has actually quickly closed, Koofi stated in a tweet.

“Our wealth is our young girls and boys. Those in and those who will come back. Taliban, hear us out: we must rebuild together! This land belongs to all of us,” she stated.

Meanwhile, federal governments worldwide are weighing how to handle theTaliban While the EU is stressing over the effect of a brand-new refugee rise, a number of its member nations and the United States state they are still going to speak with the Taliban about leaving any people still left in Afghanistan.

China, on the other hand, guaranteed better ties to Afghanistan and scolded the United States for attempting to enforce its own worths on another country.

Afghanistan on edge as United States leaves, Taliban asserts near complete control