Syrian state media report Israeli strikes on borders of Damascus


The Israeli army said that a surface-to-air missile was launched from Syrian territory The Israeli army stated that a surface-to-air rocket was released from Syrian area

Israeli fighter jets struck targets in Syria early on Friday, the authorities Syrian news company Sana reported.

The company pointed out military sources as stating that “the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from south-east Beirut, aiming at some targets” in the borders of the city of Damascus.

It stated that Syrian air defenses had actually reacted to the attack and shot down the majority of the rockets, including that the attack had actually just triggered product damage.

The noise of the roaring Israeli aircrafts flying at a low elevation over the locations in the borders of Beirut was heard at occur to Friday, witnesses stated.

The Britain- based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which keeps an eye on violence in Syria, verified the attack.

It stated the Israeli attack targeted military websites for the Syrian federal government forces utilized by pro-Iranian militias to establish weapons in Barzeh and Jamraya, backwoods near Damascus.

The guard dog stated ambulances hurried to the targeted website and the location was cordoned off by Syrian security.

An Israeli army spokesperson reached by dpa in Tel Aviv stated “we do not comment on reports in foreign media.”

Later, the Israeli army stated that a surface-to-air rocket released from Syrian area towards Israeli air area had actually blown up over the Mediterranean Sea last night.

No siren went off.
In the early morning hours, homeowners in main Israel situated numerous pieces of the rocket on the ground, which will be gathered by the Israeli authorities.

“We thank the residents for their awareness and ask to avoid touching these parts,” the IDF stated.

Israeli strikes in Syria have actually been viewed as an effort to avoid Iran, among Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s primary allies, from developing its military impact in the area.

Syrian state media report Israeli strikes on borders of Damascus