VIDEO: Coup effort in Guinea as Prez Cond é surrounded by soldiers

The fate of Guinea’s President Alpha Cond é is uncertain after an unproven video revealed him in the hands of soldiers, who stated they had actually staged a coup.

However, the defence minister has actually been estimated as stating the tried takeover had actually been prevented.

This follows hours of heavy shooting near the governmental palace in the capital, Conakry.

Soldiers are patrolling the otherwise deserted streets of the city centre.

Terrified homeowners of the main Kaloum district have actually followed their orders to remain at house.

In the video, the soldiers from a system of elite unique forces ask President Cond é to verify he is unhurt however he declines to react.

They state that all land and air borders have actually been closed and the federal government liquified.

The just bridge linking the mainland to the Kaloum peninsular, which houses most ministries and the governmental palace, has actually been sealed and lots of soldiers, some greatly armed, have actually been published around the palace, a military source informed Reuters news company.

There are unofficial reports that 3 soldiers have actually been eliminated.

President Cond é was re-elected for a questionable 3rd term in workplace amidst violent demonstrations in 2015.

VIDEO: Coup effort in Guinea as Prez Cond é surrounded by soldiers