Two challengers handed heavy sentences in Belarus


Belarusian opponents, Attorney Maxim Znak and Maria Kolesnikova Belarusian challengers, Attorney Maxim Znak and Maria Kolesnikova

A Belarusian court today, Monday, September 6, sentenced 2 popular opposition activists to long jail terms, showing that the Minsk federal government continues its harassment of political dissidents.

This is Maria Kolesnikova, head of the Coordinating Council, a body of opposition to the authorities, who had actually been sent to prison considering that September in 2015 and was sentenced today to 11 years in jail.

A court in Minsk discovered Kolesnikova guilty of conspiratorial actions versus power through the production of an “extremist organization” and of having actually required actions versus the security of the state.

Attorney Maxim Znak, likewise a member of the Coordinating Council, was sentenced to ten years in jail for the exact same criminal activities.

Kolesnikova participated in the presentations and demonstrations that occurred in the nation after the August 2020 elections and withstood the authorities’ efforts to require her into exile.

At the time, the security forces took her to the border location, however she tore her passport, declining to be expelled, and was detained right away.

Two challengers handed heavy sentences in Belarus