Taliban implicates the United States of breaking Doha Agreement

The Haqqani network has been accused of attacks on US forces in Afghanistan The Haqqani network has actually been implicated of attacks on United States forces in Afghanistan

The Taliban has actually implicated the United States of breaking the peace deal the 2 checked in 2020, for keeping its brand-new interior minister Sirrajudin Haqqani on the United States fear list.

The brand-new minister, who becomes part of the Haqqani Network, had actually been implicated of attacks on United States forces in Afghanistan throughout the twenty years of war. The United States has a $5m bounty forHaqqani He likewise stays on the United Nations fear list.

“Pentagon officials have remarked that some cabinet members of the Islamic Emirate or family members of the late Haqqani Sahib are on the US blacklists and still targets,” stated a declaration from the ministry of foreign affairs late on Wednesday.

“The Islamic Emirate considers this a clear violation of the Doha Agreement which is neither in the interest of the United States or Afghanistan,” the declaration stated, describing the arrangement checked in the Qatari capital.

The offer led the way for the withdrawal of US-led foreign forces in return for an assurance from the Taliban not to permit groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIL to run on Afghan soil. The United States forces withdrew right before an August 31 due date in what ended up being a disorderly workout, ending America’s longest war.

The United States-Taliban offer omitted the West- backed Afghan federal government led by previous President Ashraf Ghani, who got away the nation after Taliban fighters swept through the nation last month with little resistance from federal government forces.

Taliban’s declaration follows the United States had in the wake of the offer promised to eliminate Taliban members from worldwide sanctions.

Reporting from Kabul, Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis stated the declaration follows Pentagon authorities commenting to the media that members of the Haqqani household are still genuine targets and stay on United States blacklists.

“The Taliban are saying this is very provocative, condemning it, saying that members of the Haqqani family must be removed from the US sanctions lists immediately. They say they will continue to demand that,” stated Bellis.

“A number of Haqqani families are part of the government and they are very disappointed. They say they wanted positive relations with the US. And they are very disappointed to see some of their highest leaders remaining as legitimate targets.”

“It will be very interesting to see what the US response to this statement will be,” she included.

Ahead of the Taliban’s statement of its brand-new cabinet today, another member of the network and leading Taliban figure, Khalil- ur-Rahman Haqqani, was put in charge of security for Kabul.

Many Afghans are sceptical that a leader of the Haqqani Network, understood to be the most ruthless and violent group connected with the Taliban, might bring security to Afghanistan after years of war and violence– particularly as reports of house-to-house searches and violence apparently devoted by the Taliban continue to gather, consisting of in Kabul.

The Taliban has actually rejected that they are performing reprisals and stated its members are disciplined.

Fahim Sadat, head of the International Relations department at Kabul- based Kardan University, stated both the United States and the Taliban were conjuring up the Doha Agreement to serve their different interests.

“The reality is that the sanctions list is one of the only viable leverages of the international community which can be used against the Taliban for any concession,” Sadat informed Al Jazeera from the Spanish city of Barcelona.

Protests prohibited

Meanwhile, the Taliban have actually punished demonstrations in the nation, stating demonstrations without previous approval will be prohibited.

“Protests have been key news this week. A couple of days ago, there was a largely peaceful protest but then as the demonstrators came closer to the presidential palace, people were detained, including journalists,” stated Bellis.

“Some journalists were separated in prison cells and lashed. The Taliban has since come out banning protests. They said they will allow them in certain conditions,” she included describing that they need to be pre-approved by the federal government.

Several presentations have actually popped throughout Afghanistan in current days.

On Tuesday, numerous protesters required to the streets of Kabul shouting and requiring “freedom”, a day after resistance leader Ahmad Massoud required an “uprising” versus Taliban guideline.

The presentations which varied in size from numerous hundred to a couple of lots were distributed by Taliban fighters shooting into the air, protesters informed Al Jazeera at the time.

Journalists likewise stated they had actually been restricted from recording, with TOLONews, the nation’s greatest network, stating a minimum of among their cameramen was apprehended for recording the demonstrations.

On Thursday, demonstration organizers cancelled rallies in Kabul after the Taliban successfully prohibited presentations, the AFP news firm reported.

Taliban implicates the United States of breaking Doha Agreement