Afghanistan: UN condemns Taliban’s ruthless crackdown on demonstrations

The Taliban have used live ammunition, batons and whips against protesters, the UN has said

The Taliban have actually utilized live ammo, batons and whips versus protesters, the UN has actually stated

The UN has actually condemned the Taliban for what it called an “increasingly violent response” to dissent, weeks after the group’s quick takeover of Afghanistan.

The body stated Taliban fighters eliminated 4 individuals throughout current demonstrations.

Demonstrations have actually happened throughout Afghanistan given that the fall of Kabul on 15 August, requiring regard for ladies’s rights and higher flexibilities.

Taliban fighters have actually utilized batons, whips, and live ammo versus protesters, the UN stated in its report.

“We call on the Taliban to immediately cease the use of force towards, and the arbitrary detention of, those exercising their right to peaceful assembly and the journalists covering the protests,” a spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights stated in a press declaration.

Taliban fighters swept throughout Afghanistan in August, catching provincial centres and ultimately the capital Kabul itself in less than 2 weeks.

The United States then led an airlift from the capital’s worldwide airport, leaving more than 120,000 individuals prior to taking out its own forces on 31 August.

The collapse to the Taliban follows twenty years of United States military operations in Afghanistan, after American and allied forces ousted the Taliban from power in 2001 following the 9/11 horror attacks.

The United States will mark the 20th anniversary of those attacks on Saturday.

A violent reaction to serene demonstrations UN spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani criticised the Taliban’s crackdown on presentations in a press instruction on Friday.

Demonstrations have actually grown given that 15 August, she stated. But on Wednesday the Taliban prohibited unauthorised events, and on Thursday they purchased telecoms business to shut down mobile web in Kabul.

It is important the group listen to Afghan ladies and males on the streets “during this time of great uncertainty”, she stated.

The press declaration likewise kept in mind the deaths of a minimum of 4 individuals – consisting of a young boy – and the violent dispersal of demonstrators in current weeks.

It likewise criticised violence versus reporters. Reporters informed this medium today that they were beaten, apprehended and flogged by the Taliban when they attempted to cover the demonstrations.

The UN report comes in the middle of growing issues about Afghanistan in the wake of the Taliban takeover.

On Friday, the UN’s World Food Programme stated 93% of families in the nation were not consuming sufficient food. A dry spell has actually intensified supply issues, triggering the loss of some 40% of the wheat crop.

The Wall Street Journal reported that help employees fear the whole population might fall under hardship within months.

And UN body Unesco cautioned that the nation deals with a “generational catastrophe” in education, after twenty years of development for kids – particularly ladies.

United States to celebrate 9/11 attacksUnconfirmed reports recommend the Taliban strategy to hold an event to inaugurate their brand-new federal government on Saturday, after revealing its management today.

It is the day the United States will hold occasions to mark the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 horror attacks.

Close to 3,000 individuals passed away that day. Islamist militant group al-Qaeda masterminded the attack, led by Osama Bin Laden – who was at the time in Afghanistan under the security of the Taliban.

Ken McCallum, director general of the UK intelligence company MI5, has actually informed this medium that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has most likely “emboldened” UK terrorists.

President Joe Biden had actually at first set 11 September as the due date for the withdrawal of United States soldiers from Afghanistan, prior to the Taliban takeover required the United States to accelerate its withdrawal.

On Thursday the very first immigrants flew out of Kabul given that the United States pull-out. Around 100 individuals – amongst them UK, United States, Canadian and Dutch nationals – took a Qatar Airways charter flight to Doha.

A 2nd Qatar Airways flight from the Afghan capital landed in Doha on Friday, apparently bring some 150 individuals. France has actually validated that 49 of its nationals were on board.

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Afghanistan: UN condemns Taliban's ruthless crackdown on demonstrations