Austrian guy concealed mom’s body in cellar to draw pension: Police


An autopsy has ruled out the possibility that he may have murdered his mother An autopsy has actually dismissed the possibility that he might have killed his mom

A male has actually confessed to bandaging and cooling the remains of his dead mom to hide her death to the Austrian authorities and continue getting her advantages.

Local cops stated on Thursday they had actually found the body of the 89-year-old in a house situated near Innsbruck, in Austria’s Tyrol area.

“He made sure that there was no odor or nuisance.” Helmut Gufler, head of the cops’s social security scams system, informed public broadcaster ORF Tirol.

The body was cooled with routinely switched ice bag while body fluids were soaked up with plasters.

When he lacked these things “he covered his mother with cat litter and finally the corpse was mummified”, Gufler stated.

The suspect, who has no earnings, has actually stated throughout questioning that he did not wish to bypass his mom’s cash. He is thought to have actually been economically not able to spend for the funeral service or keep your house he had actually shown his mom without the regular monthly stipend.

The tactic had actually started deciphering when his bro occurred for a see and he declared their mom remained in health center after.

A brand-new postman who used up the task of providing his mother’s advantages monthly had actually likewise required to see the recipient.

Upon his rejection, the postman reported the matter to the authorities, who discovered the body on Saturday.

An autopsy has actually dismissed the possibility that he might have killed his mom. However, he is implicated of advantage scams and concealing a remains.

Austrian guy concealed mom's body in cellar to draw pension: Police